Grady Lee Richmond

Grady shows up a lot on your TV, in commercials for motor oil, water filters, phone services, and the like...almost always as The Scary Biker Dude. Grady was also seen in episodes of the Animal Planet Cable series
Hollywood Safari, guest starring as an evil poacher. He has had roles in the films Show And Prove, Millennium Eyes, Speechless, Wild Bill, a costarring role in Paper, Rock , Scissors,a fleeting but memorable role in Mouse Hunt, and a starring role in the feature film Human Quality. Stage appearances include Round The Horn at The Venue, Cementville at Theatre Geo, and Birdsendat The Gascon Theatre.

In addition to his acting chores, Grady does yeoman duty here as stage manager, house manager, and theatre manager, as well as designing and building sets and rigging lights. He is the proud father of two terrific kids, Jenifer and Zachary.