Season 16: 2010-2011
8/10 Self Help Comedy Hour
9/10 Men Fake ForePlay
10/10 The Boarder
2/11 Green Plate Specials
4/11 RolePlay
Season 15: 2009-2010
8/09 Actors Lab Showcase
12/09 Writing Out Loud
1/10 Men Fake ForePlay
2/10 Busby
3/10 Self Help Comedy Hour
Men Fake Foreplay
4/10 Writing Out Loud
5/10 Outside of TIme
7/10 The Shifting
Season 14: 2008-2009
8/08 Men Fake Foreplay
8/08 Long Stay Cut Short
9/08 Daddy Wanted Me To Be A Kennedy
12/08 Another Christmas Show
3/09  2084
4/09 Writing Out Loud
5/09 Mother Me
Season 13: 2007-2008
• Men Fake Foreplay
• Long Stay Cut Short: Two One-Acts by Tennessee Williams
Season 12: 2006-2007
The Importance of Being Earnest
Live! Girls! Girls!! Girls!!!:
F Buddy
Live! Girls! Girls!! Girls!!!:
Does This Show Make Me Look Fat?;
Drop Dead, Gorgeous
Season 11: 2005-2006
•Fighting & F*!king
•Writing Out Loud
•A Servant Of Two Masters
Season 10: 2004-2005
•Men Fake Foreplay
Writing Out Loud: Death And Taxes, Just Noodlin'
•As If It Was Real: The Poetry Of Maria Daleo
Season 9: 2003-2004
•Acts Of Folly: My Nights With George, Kurt, and Cole
Writing Out Loud:
Pop Culture Whore, The Princess Of North Hollywood, The Beautification Project, Gimme A Sign
•Surviving Ronald
•My Mother's Thing
•One Crazy Lady
•Beneath The Surface
•Separate Tables
•Men Fake Foreplay
•Some Sex
Season 8: 2002-2003
•Suburban Motel:
Problem Child, Risk Everything
•Writing Out Loud
Season 7: 2001-2002
•Sweety's Big Experiment
•Say Cheese
•The Shadow Box
•Deadman's Apartment
•You Look for Me
•The Lover
•Sand Mountain
•Face Divided
•North Of Providence
•I Do
•The Queen's Privy
•A Gin Pissing, Red Meat, V-8 Dual Carburetor Son-Of-A-Bitch From Los Angeles
•Rapturous Delirium: A Full Moon Sonata
•Writing out Loud
Season 6: 1999-2000
•Say Cheese
•Sweety's Big Experiment
•Brothers, Not Keepers & Dolores
•Writing Out Loud
•The Company Store
•Surrenda Ta Brenda The Red Hot Contenda
•Director's Workshop
•Lost Child! $50 Reward
•The Closer
Season 5: 1998-1999
Boiler Room
•Dolores & North Of Providence
•Women Of Fredonia: The Legacy Of A Nuclear Family
•Say Cheese
•Writing Out Loud
•Brothers, Not Keepers
•Sweety's Big Experiment
•Odd Couples
•Appocalyptic Butterflies
•The Santaland Diaries
Season 4: 1997-1998
•A Midsummer Night's Dream
•Key Exchange
•On Four
Adam & Eva Marie
•Women Do Get Weary
•A Physiologist's Wife
•The Haunted
•A Doctor In Spite Of Himself
•Ed Crasnick: One Voice
Boiler Room
Season 3: 1996-1997
Adam & Eva Marie
•Simon Says
•It Came From AAT!
•Funny Valentines
•Spare Parts
•Writers and Other Strangers
•Kaufman & Company
•A Streetcar Named Desire
Season 2: 1995-1996
•Heaven, Hell, and In Between
•Bedroom Stories
•So This Is Christmas
•All Things Dead
•A Mob Scene
•Gettin Lucky
•Occupational Hazards
•In Black & White
Adam & Eva Marie
Season 1: 1994-1995
•Shut Up, I Love You!
•Mental Cases
•Scene Of The Crime
•Spring Fevers
•Loose Screwz
•Magic Carpet Ride
•Out West