Frequently Asked Questions

What are the operating hours? Δ

Office hours are Tuesday - Friday, 10:30 am - 5:30pm PST, as well as during shows. Actors Art Theatre Studio is open on all days that shows and/or classes are scheduled.

What classes are offered? Δ

Private classes are available, as is individual coaching. Please see the Classes page for complete information.

Can I Audit Classes? Δ

Sorry, as a courtesy to our current students, we do not allow class auditing. Your initial interview with Jolene Adams is designed to give you an overview of her methods and how classes are run.

How do I submit a script for consideration? Δ

Please do not submit a full script. Please submit a query letter and synopsis of the play to Actors Art Theatre, 6128 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90048, or by email to Send email only as text within the body of your message. Do not send attachments of any kind.If we want to read the full script, we will request it.

How Long Will It Be Before I Hear About My Submission? Δ

We do read all material, and that entails a substantial response time, generally 3 - 8 months . Every script considered for production will be publicly read as part of our PlayPen Series.

What Kind Of Material Is Appropriate? Δ

We produce a variety of styles but we do not do musicals due to space limitations. Drama, comedies ,farce, political - all are fine to submit. Keep in mind our production restrictions: our playing area is 16' x 12'; no wing or fly space; cast size should not exceed 10 (without doubling).

Are Actors And Writers Paid? Δ

Yes. We operate under the 99 Seat Plan of Actors Equity Association, which provides for token payment of actors and stage managers. Writers are paid a percentage of the box office. Performers are not paid for student workshops or showcases.

How Do I Audition For Shows? Δ

Auditions are held on a show-by-show basis, and are announced on our website as well as in theatrical trade papers, and through Breakdown Services, Inc. You may submit a photo and resume for our files, but understand that we cannot acknowledge receipt of these. If we feel you may be 'right' for a role, we will contact you to arrange an audition.

Is The Space Available For Rental? Δ

Yes, on a limited basis. Please email with your requirements. Hourly rental is on a sliding scale based on your requirements. We do not rent the space for extended runs, nor is the space available between 10:30 pm and 8:00 am. Our playing area is 16' x 12'; no wing or fly space, with 9' ceiling. Lighting package is included. Labor (at least one staff member) is required, at an additional charge

How Do I Contact Actors / Writers In Your Shows? Δ

We do not release home phone or addresses of any performer or writer. We will pass along messages, letters, interview requests, etc. to the performer or their representatives. We cannot guarantee a response.