Written by Neal Weaver. Recommended

Psychotherapist Adam (Jimmie F. Skaggs), long divorced and in retreat from the pain and mess of human relations, attempts to console himself with the theory that a limp penis is the key to wisdom and serenity. His arid world is set on its ear when spunky, voluptuos and desperate prostitute eva marie (Jolene Adams) invades his sanctuary with a startling proposal: She'll give him sex in exchange for therapy. He's shocked, apalled--and honestly tempted.Though he accepts the bargain, the therapy is initially more successful than the sex. Through various confrontations and psychodramas, he helps her come to terms with the traumas and sexual abuse that have scarred her. But as she begins to achieve a measure of sanity, his own guilt, rationalizations and evasions are thrown into high relief. So it's up to her to cajole, bully and lure him back to the land of the living. Playwright-Therapist Michael Solomon has written a fascinating piece, despite some talkiness toward the end. Director Virginia Morris charts the volatile, ever-changing relationship with a sure hand, while Skaggs and Adams neatly caputure the passionate necessities and amiable eccentricities of the oddly matched pair.